Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Dining, Tokyo

Courtesy of La Carmina

Courtesty of Not Quite Nigella

In honor of my best friend Melissa's (pictured below) birthday, I'm featuring the Alice Cafe in Tokyo. If I had the money (I should seriously feature a "Donate" button.. hmm maybe I will!) this is where we would celebrate! This is an Alice in Wonderland themed dining experience and as you can see the pictures do all the explaining. For my favorite post on the cafe, go to Not Quite Nigella. The restaurant's official website is here.

So, Melissa, you are everything I have ever wanted in a friend, and it feels sad looking back on our friendship all these years later. I take for granted that I feel so close to you no matter how many years go by without seeing you. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You have given my life so much fulfillment and added so many pieces to my puzzle. I hope you like your dream birthday destination. I know how much you love Alice in Wonderland (on a deeper level than most). What makes the restaurant even more tailored to you is Alice is depicted as a brunette with almond shaped eyes!

Love, Sam (best friend since 1997)



slitch said...

Awwwhhha Sam!
Now that I figured out how to leave a comment, I want you to know that this was the most perfect gift!
An Alice with my eyes dressed in black, an over-sized pocketwatch, playing card menus and all with sushi being involved! Sometimes I'm afraid that I take for granted how well you know the real me.
The me that's all the better for having you as my best friend for 12 years. And, although about half of that time was spent being far away from you, you were never out of my life. You are my most treasured friend and I hope you know that. And if you weren't my friend, you would have been my most treasured idol (well, you're still that too).

Some of my favorite memories of you:
1. When you put on the Braveheart soundtrack and comically performed a reenactment of some scene in the movie, which was actually quite tragic.
2. Your cute and graceful posing for my amateur photographs, despite my pairing you with mundane objects like chopsticks or plastic cups.
3. When you first played Jeff Buckley for me.
4. When you spoke in various accents on the way to Mexico.
5. When we did some bedroom-dancing to Heart in your dorm room.
6. And, generally, your pleasant sigh after putting a really good piece of sashimi in your mouth :)

I love you Sam!

Vivalahighstreet said...

Nice blog:) i went der last weekend:) cute place....

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