Monday, September 21, 2009

Kawaii Acrylic Nails... Kinda Nuts!

Kawaii Nail Art
Kawaii Nail Art

Kawaii Nails
Kawaii Nails
Kawaii Nails

These are little works of art! How could I not know somewhere someone was taking nails to the next kawaii level lol. Kawaii Nails is where you can find all the nails you need.. from food themed to princess (hime). They last quite a long time too. They can be reused an average of 5 times! Each set costs about $30 USD and you can even ask them to customize a pair! Any design you can imagine! If those are too uhh.. vibrant for you, here are some beautiful kawaii nails that are more subdued.


CherryVomit said...

Those nails look amazing. I love the fact that they are "3D" so unique in style. the colors are so pigmented and vary in style which i also love. =]

PetSugar said...

Whoever made these had absolutely no inhibitions and made them exactly how he/she likes them lol

mystreetsweets said...

your blog is amazing girl! I actually bought nails from kawaii nails before!
They were very amazing and lasted up to 3 wks!
I got a ton of compliments! I'm following you on Blog lovin and google connect follow me back :)

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