Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Koakuma Ageha the Kawaii Glamour Magazine!

Koakuma Ageha

Koakuma Ageha Koakuma AgehaKoakuma Ageha Koakuma AgehaKoakuma Ageha Koakuma AgehaKoakuma Ageha

I don't know if there's anything I want more than a subscription to Koakuma Ageha (Little Devil Ageha). Did you see the cover image with melted ice cream and sprinkles on the letters!!!! Ugh. I want to bathe within the cover of this magazine. The images are so plentiful and kawaii that the language barrier barely matters. Hairstyles & makeup are shown step by step through images. You can buy an actual subscription on jlist. Please, friends.. family.. I want this now or for any holiday that falls within the next couple of days.

Jlist describes it as:

"..aiming to bring up the glitz and glamour to your look all with a "kawaii" (cute) Japanese flair. With the help of this excellent fashion magazine, it captures the elements of the youthful fashion of kogals (Japan's original "valley girls"), glamorous appeal of kyabakura hostesses along with street fashion that any regular girl could wear, but still be eye-catchingly gorgeous. Although the magazine is in Japanese, it was chosen by us because of its very interesting content and high number of color pictures in each issue, a great item for those who want to follow Japan's fashion, models and advertisements. Even the ads are interesting!"


CherryVomit said...

I so want the circle lenses those models have on. =P


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Comments and a FOLLOW would be greatly appreciated. =D

Ligaya said...

Koakuma Ageha's a bit of a trashy, superficial glamour magazine, but OMG guilty pleasure much. ♥♥♥

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