Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PINKY: Street Dolls

Pinky StPinky StPinky St
Wow so these are some new Pinky St dolls I love! Click any for details.
Pinky St
Pinky St

These are my favorite things. Don't be fooled. These are okay for kids, but totally intended to please adults. Yes, they have dolls based on characters in hentai (anime porn)! They also have dolls based on characters from all your Japanese favorites (Fruits Basket to Evangelian). Doll parts are interchangeable with all other pinky street dolls. You can even change the front (bangs) and back of the hair! I own 5749574875298435 dolls and even bought the PINKY:St markers you can use to customize your dolls further!!!
Ah! Actual Pinky Street Video Game! Click!
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