Monday, September 14, 2009

Shoujo-Inspired Makeup Line!

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Manga Makeup Book
Eyeko Nail Polish
Eyeko Pretty Magic Eyes SetEyeko Press
Eyeko My Manga MakeupMy Gosh! The Eyeko line is absolutely fabulous! As you can quickly see it is the ultimate in kawaii beauty. Don't be fooled though, every last ingredient is of the greatest quality. That's what cements Eyeko as THE drop dead cute makeup line of the century! There is the Manga Makeup Book in 3 styles (Makeout Girl, Rude Girl & Absolute Girl) that finally gives you the materials to be a Shoujo Manga star (5 amazing eyeshadows, 3 lip glosses, concealer and cream blush in one!) There is insane skincare that truly marries kawaii glow with one-of-a-kind nourishing ingredients even celebrities & magazines rave about. I mean come on, they have their own Eyeko Makeup Online Manga (Comic) and its actually really cute! The bottomline is this beauty line is everything we've come to love about Japan. Total indulgence, attention to detail, best quality and kawaii of course! Whoa almost forgot INEXPENSIVE!


Elise said...

Hi - I loved this post ! Thank you so much & best wishes...

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