Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Studio Ghibli

Spirited AwaySpirited AwaySpirited AwaySpirited Away

Studio Ghibli is one of my biggest passions in life. I feel overwhelmed trying to convey this! Firstly, kawaii is COVERED. Every Hayao Miyazaki movie that is released in Japan is immediately the largest grossing movie in Japan (FYI Disney just released Miyazaki's newest movie Ponyo in theatres!). These movies are the most heartwarming, life-changing, masterpieces that exist PERIOD. Every Hayao Miyazaki movie attempts to accomplish something so different & so remarkable. The animation is there to give Hayao Miyazaki full control of every emotion, every back drop, every blink of an eye. It also allows him to put raccoons in clothing & show every perfect reaction on an entire city of faces. These movies are for every age, but I can't figure out who benefits from them more. The movies include Graveyard of the Fireflies (possibly best movie ever on earth) which tells the realistic story of a young boy who loses his parents & is forced to care for his baby sister alone to Pom Poko, which is a story of raccoons who are losing their habitat to humans & come up with an amazing plan to scare away the humans. These are not just stories to pull your heart strings and have you care for the environment or wartorn. These movies are innovative, hilarious, frightening, ENTERTAINING... Have I said enough!? I feel emotional already thinking I can't do these movies justice. Just please watch.


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