Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deco Your Life Like Dessert! Literally!

This is what I want now. These freaking amazing tools to decorate any accessory like a cake! A mirror, notebook, diary, tupperware, compact, lipstick, picture frame, wow endless possibilities. It never dawned on me this would exist to the public. I didn't realize other people were as obsessed with dessert as I am yet wanted to save on the calories lol. Click on any image or here to begin your decorating buffet. Send me pictures and I'll feature them! Soon you will see my projects too! I gotta move into my new place first.

Paws Ice Cream

Paws Ice Cream Art Print

Buy at


Yami-chan said...

OHH! I've heard that some of my friends have those tools T__T I WANT THEM TOO!

XOXO - Glitter Jam

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