Saturday, October 24, 2009

GOOGIMS: irreverent & irresistable fashion

Googims is my newest discovery! OMG you have to read this cute description that says it all. Oh, oh and don't forget to see the backs AND sleeves of the shirts!

"Googims means "wrinkles" in Korean, representing the wrinkles one gains when facing life's myriad challenges. A fun and uniquely Korean brand of clothing, Googims conveys the rituals and moods of daily life in an irreverent and irresistible manner. Googims high-quality clothing items use stark, primary colors and a variety of catchy phrases and designs to highlight the precious and frequently fleeting emotions of our everyday lives. Googims' peerless brand of humor helps the sensitive and fashion-conscious soul express their individuality. No matter the person or the place, there's a Googims item for everyone!"


Aralka said...

very creative! and interesting!
and cute <3 i love it from now too!

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