Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello Naomi: My Favorite Cupcaker (is that a word I invented?)

Hello Naomi is a bakery in Australia (damn) that has filled a hole in my heart! I wanted kawaii and cupcakes to merge as one, but I thought it was too much to ask. Now, I find my queen exists in Australia! Ughhhh. Look at what she did for a customer who asked her to take certain images and turn them into a cake (images posted below). Wow the cake I would ask for! OMG I would have a Drop Dead Cute cupcake extravaganza and plaster it all over this blog lol.


Miku said...

So, so, so, cutee!! > <

Aralka said...


Lyn said...

i love hello naomi as well :D
sh is absolutely talented!

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