Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest: Namco Bandai's Dessert Theme Park!

Believe it or not, Namco (Video game maker) opened a dessert theme park in 2003! It is a simulated village with trees and bird noises meant to feature the top 5 pastry chefs in Tokyo. There are incredible souffles and french toast and crepe layer cakes and.. and.. ahhhh. They even have these amazing chefs do presentations! I can't wait to go and take my own pictures! Speaking of which, the photos above are courtesy of this blog I happened upon - Ichigo Mix. The blogger is a J-pop boy band fanatic and takes the cutest pictures!!! Every emoticon is a tiny jpeg of a member of a J-pop group! So cute! I just had to feature a few more pics from the site that made me melt.


Miku said...

OMG!! >.<
Everthing is sooo cuuteeee!! >.<
I love it!!!^^
I'm glad you to like my blog ^^ I like this blog too.
And I'm glad that you can understand me u/////u. Thanks -^^-
Oh, I love the photos *W*

See you! ^^

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