Saturday, October 10, 2009

Junko Mizuno on your CAR! iPhone! LAPTOP! iPod! & More!

You must know of Junko Mizuno, the "kawaii noir" cult favorite. She is a drop dead cute mastermind, maybe even deserving of this blog's "Drop Dead Cute Heroine" Award if it existed, lol. Her adorable characters take you on a ride of peverse proportions, but you'll never get off! Whether it be warped childhood fairytales, or a very literal ride in your Junko Mizuno CAR! Infectious has allowed the latter to exist! This site features work from numerous artists that gets voted on by you. Winners are then turned into decals and skins for you iPhone, iPod, Laptop etc! Evidently people want Junko Mizuno everywhere, because there are tons of her designs available.. even an image for every zodiac sign!


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