Sunday, October 4, 2009

Liz Wolfe: Photographer Covers Crystal Tampon to Candy Injury

 Liz Wolfe is a photographer who manipulates cute imagery in ways I wish I had thought of! Bold beautiful colors and girly items juxtaposed to evoke a loss of innocence. Every image manages to be tainted in some way. The brilliant compositions of femininity has you forgive the major peversions... maybe even pretend they aren't there. I mean where else can you select photos from either the "Sugar Collection" or "Creature Collection." Yes, thankfully you can buy Wolfe's stuff! I want her slopes of sugar all over my walls.  


Miku said...

wow, love this photos *-*
Yeah, Liz Wolfe is a good photographer. I like her photos ^^
Oh, yes, Almost I forget it, How that of the translator is it made?
I would like that you can read my blog without problems ^^

See you! ^^

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