Thursday, October 1, 2009

MinkStyle: Doll Heaven

MinkStyle is a very weird doll centric site with a really nostalgic quality to it. The site somehow manages to look like it was made in the 70's... reason enough to visit huh? There is a gallery of images featuring doll art, and there is a section featuring dolls for sale! The site is Japanese so I don't know if outside countries can order these dolls, but they are pretty awesome looking dolls. Stuff that will NEVER be in the U.S. market, that is for sure. Below are two images of dolls for sale. Although many of you don't speak Japanese and navigation maybe a small struggle, you cannot go wrong wherever you click!


Aralka said...

Wow, it looks very interesting.
I like the first doll the most <3

Miku said...

Thanks for follow my blog >.<
And sorry for my english u/////u.
Ilike the dogs >.< They're so cute >.<

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