Friday, October 30, 2009

POUPEEGIRL for Nintendo DS!!!!

Fashion brand community - poupeegirlThe wildly addictive online community, Poupee Girl has now been transformed into a video game!!! Ahhhhh!! It is available for preorder here or click any image EXCEPT my pathetic poupeegirl self to the left. I'm very very new to the whole thing. I need more ribbons so I can get better eyebrows, face shape, nose just everything! lol. This game is going to make so many girls happy! I can't wait. If you don't know the first thing about poupeegirl, it is a site where you can create a doll in your image. It is a bit hard to explain, but basically you get ribbons and jewels to buy new clothes, better features etc. Real designers actually have little virtual shops too! It's sooooo cute.


さらまり said...

Oh you can preorder it at J-List? That's awesome! I love that game^^

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