Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Remember Sparkly Eyed Shoujo Girls? Well... This is almost that

Yuri Hanashima has made a beautiful mockery of those sparkly-eyed vintage shoujo girls. I personally haven't had my fill of this shoujo style. I just read Candy Candy for the first time (its an amazing shoujo classic). Swan is a great example of vintage shoujo stylings that is a phenomenal manga book series period! Whoa.. what were we talking about? lol Yes! Yuri has brought back those perfect curls and dense eyes but made it Drop Dead Cute worthy! Yay!



Aralka said...

oh, I've heard about CandyCandy. I think I should read it. And I like these illustrations. Shoujo ftw!

pencilitin said...

I'm so glad that there are still artists using the 1970s style, as unfashionable as it may be - it's so gorgeous.

There are even references to "Class S" relationships in her gallery! Yaay!

PetSugar said...

pnecilitin - her work is just so adorable and as unfashionable as it maybe, she makes it kitschy.

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