Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Romantic a la Mode

The softer side of DDC (drop dead cute); Romantic a la mode is a sweet escape for the girly senses. It's kind of like the art equivalent of cotton candy ice cream... yikes, I hope that was not a direct influence of the chicks eating ice cream in the 2nd pic! Wow I guess I'm pretty uninspired today lol. Does anyone have a problem with me always picking the art images that include food? Because I assume people are like me and just eternally hungry lol. Wow so I found a place that has all you can eat sushi for $20 and I want to cry with joy. It's called Sushi Palace, 1473 Dixwell Ave, Hamden CT (203) 230-8875.


Aralka said...

I really like these pictures <3
So cute!

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