Monday, November 30, 2009

*aminail* kawaii nail art galore!

*aminail*... firstly what a sweet name for a nail blog! Anyway I know you guys love kawaii deco manicures and this is my gift to you. I'm especially happy that like 50% of the nails are short!
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pinksugarichigo said...

omg this is so cute!!!

さらまり said...

Wow those are all so cute, but I think the care bears and snow man ones are my favorites^^

You got a new profile picture, you look so lovely~!^^

TianneMarie said...

Hi there! I love your blog and the hard work you put into it. If you are looking for makeup tutorials like Padmita's but with closed eye shots, take a look at my blog


Aralka said...

it is so so cute <333 i love it!

Pj said...

wow those are pretty intense i would so wear them if i was a cute girl like u!

Maggi said...

Wow, these are awesome! I'm with you, love seeing these on short nails!

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