Thursday, November 26, 2009

EGG Magazine: Kogal Fashion and Culture

I want Egg Magazine so bad! Almost as much as I want Koakuma Ageha.. almost. I'm so excited about the Egg's Beauty Special Edition. I swear before I die I will decorate my face like the second picture.. and post it if I don't look nauseating. Subscribe to Egg here! or click these images to buy cute individual back issues:


Marta y Hiro said...

Uoo mencanta ver el estilo manba ganguro , queda taan bonito ^^ pero todavia quedan años y años hasta que españa acepta la libertad de expresión en moda Y_Y

MiMi_insanityy!! said...

ommggggg i was googling kogal and ganguro and i came up upon your site! i was like stunned by how pretty it was, love the blog btw, theres not much people on here who share the same interest in kogals. everybodys like "wtf are they wearing, they look like orange dolls or something. anyway love the blog girl! major kawaii

PetSugar said...

MiMi_insanity!! - wow your comment is so wonderful!!! thank you so much!!!!!!! i'm happy to have you as a reader :)))))))))))

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