Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eico Hanamura's 60's Girl Shoujo Comics Reborn in Paris

Eico Hanamura is the pioneer behind the illustrious full-lashed shoujo girl. I found an amazing interview that illustrates how her vintage prints came to adorn high-end Parisian goods 40 years later. I love old shoujo manga! Candy Candy! Georgie! You would be amazed at how incredible and intense the storylines are despite the fluffy illustrations. Click here to read full interview.


Sandra said...

Lovely paintings:)

Bianca said...

Oh Gosh, your blog is sooo wonderfully wonderful! I love it, I'm following for sure!!

Amma Elizabeth said...

I love how these retro comics are given new life in Parisian boutiques--very neat! I really adore your blog and have been reading it almost daily. I've learned so much from your posts.

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