Thursday, November 26, 2009

JooSweetie: OMG What I Want Now!!!

JooSweetie has the most covetable cuteness I have seen in so long. I'm going to say the above necklaces are THE honorary Drop Dead Cute accessory. They are absolute steals starting at $20 USD! Ah! It hurts how much I want one. HURTS, but I lost my job a week or so ago like everyone else :( Anyway, these necklaces are not all that are murderously cute. Look at these cards!!!

Cuties! Look forward to a Punch Brand Giveaway here within the next week!


Tutti Patuti said...

I want da Betty BooF necklace
it's very cute

Miku said...

OMG! Cutee!! > <
I love the card os sorry!! > <

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