Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kitty Hell not Hello Kitty? Yes, for one man.

Hell Kitty is a blog developed out of frustration with one man's wife. His wife is absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty and he needed an outlet naturally lol. Her obsession opened this man's eyes to all of the hello kitty paraphanelia out there, and this awareness has made for a really funny blog. Yes, that is a Hello Kitty Burqa above AND Hello Kitty machine gun.


Sonja said...

i love hello kitty too

Aralka said...

This site looks interesting. But some of the items are strange I think xD
For example this coat... yeah, I love Hello Kitty, but it's too much for me!
what do u think? :D

Daruku-sensei said...


I am SO going to kitty-chan my assault rifle when I get around to joining the army!

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