Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lime Crime: Doe Deere's Candy Colors

I love everything about what Doe Deere (of Doe Deere's Blogazine) has done with her makeup line. The photoshoots are possibly the best part, but I've yet to try the makeup. It looks like it could make any day so much better! I never dreamed colors like these would suddenly seems like I've dreamt of them all along? Why not? Mmmm.. this is possibly more of my food craving translating to all aspects of my life. Find me a guy who does this! Lol, check out Lime Crime Makeup.


Cannibalistic Candies said...

I love those colors! When I looked at the second picture I thought that dress looks like it belongs to Jeantrix Clothing and low and behold it does the clothes are always fun in their line.

Mary said...

What a pretty post!

The pictures are amazing and adorable.

PetSugar said...

Mary: I soooo agreeeeee. You will probably love her blog too.

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