Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nya-Nya & White Cat Camera by Superheadz

When I saw this little graphic to the left so long ago, never did I think this was an actual camera!!! Ah! ANDDD it comes in the most adorable can! I mean I loved the little gif enough to save it and remember it a couple years later. Yay its a good day, except I'm getting sickkk. Buy it in white or yellow/orange.


さらまり said...

Oh that's such a cute and interesting camera, how unique^^

You're getting sick?? I hope you don't get too sick and feel better soon! Take care~~

Miku said...

Woe, the camera is soo cute > <
I'm happy that you like my tutorials > < Really thanks ^^

And thaks for comment


See you! > <

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