Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sayaka Indigo: Girls of Perfection

Sayaka Indigo is an artist I've been dying to feature since this blog's conception. You know how sushi is the perfect bite, well these girl's are the perfect bite. Each one is so simply featured in an ocean of white, with a friend, food, octopus, amigurumi (japanese handmade animal), or some other candy-colored simplicity. Then there is the touch of sexuality in its prettiest form, only with other cute girls lol (its so hard to make boys look good!) and with sexual curiousity in its sweetest form (inspecting dolls).


さらまり said...

I like the way she draws the curves of the girls bodies. It's very interesting.

kawaiiLAA said...

wow her art is definitely different and unique, i like it :)

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