Monday, November 23, 2009

Super Cheap Kawaii Gift Ideas!!!

Hello Kitty USB $25.00 USDBunny Bookmark Tabs $5.00 USDSilvia Portella Wallet $20.00 USDJapanese Food Drop $3.95 USDJapanese Food Drop $3.95 USD
Sushi Taro Solar Swing Toy
$15.90 USD4-pc Nail Tip Cutter Set
$8.90 USD
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks $14.00 USDStar Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks $14.00 USDBee Kawaii Earphones $8.00 USDMonokuro Boo Key Cover $6.50 USDBear's Hamburger Letter Set $6.99 USDMetallic Poop Pointer $8.99 USDSweet Bunny Plastic Case $11.99 USDCute Animal Bear Bank $8.50 USDPink Leopard Deco Tape $6.99 USD

(From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Hello Kitty USB $25.00 USD, Bunny Bookmark Tabs $5.00 USD, Silvia Portella Wallet $20.00 USD, Japanese Food Drop $3.95 USD, Sushi Taro Solar Swing Toy $15.90 USD, 4-pc Nail Tip Cutter Set $8.90 USD, Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks $14.00 USD, Bee Kawaii Earphones $8.00 USD, Monokuro Boo Key Cover $6.50 USD, Bear's Hamburger Letter Set $6.99 USD, Metallic Poop Pointer $8.99 USD, Sweet Bunny Plastic Case $11.99 USD, Cute Animal Bear Bank $8.50 USD, Pink Leopard Deco Tape $6.99 USD)

Sorry in advance that some of the links take you just to the store's front page. I had trouble with directly linking to some products for some reason. I provided the exact item names (hover over any item) for you to enter into each store's search engine, or browse and have fun! Lol. Anyway, in anticipation of holiday shopping, I wanted to show some cute cheap gift ideas. The pink leopard deco tape is for wrapping ;)


Pj said...

those star wars chopsticks are so awesommmmme i want luke skywalkers so i can use them to eat sushi with my favorite person ever!

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