Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Don't We Have Phones Like These!!!?

How cute are these phones! The closest thing to a girly phone for Verizon is a stupid pink blackberry. Does Verizon not realize I would change my phone every other month if they produced phones that catered to girls!! I'll have to show you the amazing custom skin I made for my Rogue to resolve my need. I used artwork by Tama and it came out amazingly. I used Unique Skins and it barely came to $9.00 USD with shipping included! I promise to show you guys! Also, a reminder the PUNCH BRAND giveaway will be posted within the next week!


Kelsey said...

WHOA NELLY! i want a phone just like the butterfly one!

Keitai ☎☎ (*゚ー゚) ☎☎ said...

I want the first one!! T____T

so kawaii!!!

ParamoreBunny said...

oh... my god,

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