Friday, December 25, 2009

Anatego's Shop ~ Semi-Precious Sweet Treats

I support Anatego's Shop!

Anatego's Shop has the cutest layout, and the products manage to outdo it! That's quite a feat. See for yourself. What's really awesome is everything is greatly priced and although handmade, she doesn't have only one of each item! She makes many multiples of each item!


Lissy said...

Merry Christmas!

They look great!

Tiffanys World said...

merry christmas my dear! and again cute items. i love your posts!

how was your christmas eve? i hope you had nice days and you get nice presents. i'm totally full with food :) christmas time is food time. i feel like a pig -_-' but i love christmas and i had nice days with my family and my beloved boyfriend.


Amanda said...

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there is a blog of a lot of things very cutes and kawaii :)


Amanda said...

Ah! another thing..if you want to affi please tell me :)

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