Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cute Sexy Aprons - For Food and Play ;)

So these aprons were listed in the lingerie section lol. I don't know if they are practical for cooking but Japanese products seem to always have all bases covered! Perfect example... who makes sexy aprons with cartoon characters... Japanese companies do, that's who.
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Tiffanys World said...

cute - i bought me last month a care bear apron - at you can find many cute aprons. my best friend and i are big fans from stich (disney) and on x-mas i will give him a stitch apron!!!!

cooking make much mor fun in them :)

thank you for your nice comments. i think my beloved j-rock band girugämesh used this name without any special thinking. it sounds good thats all.

i read some year ago a book about magic and mystery and they said girugemesh herbal can give you eternal live.

さらまり said...

Aprons listed in the lingerie section, uh oh~! Sexy lady in an apron but nothing else fantasy haha! I never wear an apron when cooking, I am just messy I guess. I like the Lum chan one best though^^

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