Monday, December 7, 2009

Grace Gift Part 2: Feet Candy

Oh my gosh, when I saw those adorable pink leopard heels (pic 3) for only $16 USD I had to feature Grace Gift again. I love how cute and inexpensive these shoes are! Who is this Grace Gift... She's become as enigmatic and precious to me as Victoria's Secret rofl. No no just kidding. No one comes to close to Victoria. No one.


Aralka said...

woow, these outfits look hot <3

Rue said...

Aw, te leopard print heels are so cute! *and chea[ too*;p Thanks for the link, Grace Gift shoes sre adorable!

Maggi said...

These are too sweet!

Sugar Bunnie said...

leopard pink heel are to die for
love the dress in the 1st picture

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