Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grown-up Butterflies for your Cute Lady Dwelling

So sorry I have only managed a new post a day and have rarely replied to comments. I haven't only been bamboozled with holidays but I'm also in the process of moving! So when I get a moment all I can think about is decorating, but this time around I need to marry my love for cute with a more grown-up sensibility. Butterflies are the first thing that comes to mind! Isnt the clock so amazing? Here are my favorite butterfly home goods as of now. Enjoy!!! Click any image to buy!


Bianca said...

oooh nice, the clock and chandelier are really cool!!

さらまり said...

Oh you collected some lovely interior goods with butterfly theme. I have never paid much attention to butterfly goods, but these are very pretty^^

shivani said...

i have honostely never been very attracted to butterflies, but i would buy each and every one of these items for my home and proudly display them for everyone to see. i love love love the chandelier, the table and the clock. they are so unique and exciting! :] and the pillows the towels and the eadspread are so perfect. cute but still very classy

Carmen said...

The forst image of the butterfly light is just gorgeous.

Hope the move went all ok and you are a bit more settled now. Think I am just about all caught up with you now :o)

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