Thursday, December 10, 2009

Junko Mizuno - A Refresher Course Inspired by New Junko Mizuno Condoms & Lube

So as the title indicates... I happened upon these Junko Mizuno condoms and lubricants!!! The coolest part might be that they come with little cards that work like Junko Mizuno lotto tickets. You get free prizes depending on the cards you get! If you don't know Junko Mizuno here is my summation of her insane brilliance.
Junko Mizuno captures "Drop Dead Cute" like no other. Her characters are so appealing that you hold on for a ride of disturbing proportions. She not only draws amazing images but she also can tell an incredible story. It's like the divinity of Paul and John having met and started a band. Honestly! You will be amazed at what she does to classic fairytales. Her work is the epitomy of kawaii for the discerning eye.


Bianca said...

"kawaii noir" rofl...

this is...risque, infact I always knew about Junko, but it never relieves it shock value. I'm always like "yep, those are naked" I always feel ashamed when I see her stuff. lol Oh btw I posted this on my blog but I want to make sure you see it so I'm re-posting this comment (sorry for spam DX)

*this is in response to your comment*

"oh no! Its okay! feel free, no worries! To be honest I didn't know that was your giveaway I thought it was you promoting someone else's giveaway x_x maybe i misunderstood. But I will enter cuz, duh, I love pandas!!

And maybe this goes without saying but I love the daily dose of kawaii you give to net, I read your blog everyday! It is a cool site!! Especially since it features many kawaii things than just like carebears or mr. san-x (i still love san-x tho )Especially as an art major I find the artist you find to keep me inspired in my works. I'm glad I was able to help! Good luck on the kawaii awards! Keep me posted!"

Maggi said...

Wow. lol I love the illustrations, they're like little kawaii pin-ups!

punchiit said...

haha thank you :D
yay i hope so too! i fall in love with this hat... XD
this is a good reason to make new pictures of me x)

さらまり said...

Oh wow, how interesting! So it's something useful and you can win something awesome possibly. Her artwork is so interesting, I'll have to be on the lookout for these^^

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