Friday, December 18, 2009

My Fave Blog Puppy "Baby" to the Rescue! Best Post Ever! Lol

Twinkle Magic Star's adorable puppy, Baby, just carried out the most adorable rescue mission ever! Please go to Baby's post to read and see the cutest picture of Baby at the "crime scene" lol. I have such a weakness for dogs. On the topic of favorite blog dogs, Layla from 52 Cupcakes is another dog that I love.

Now, I have to feature MY PUPPY! This is him as a puppy! Trust me he is still soooooooooo cuteeeeeee. I just dont have pictures online lol. Oh and guess what his name is.... none other than... KAWAII!!! Lol. Kawaii is an Australian Shepard who I could never live without. I love him so much I could cry lol.

Awww and I can't leave out my family's dog Ruby. She was my first dog and I miss her.

I can't mention dogs without mentioning Rocky. When he was taken to the vet a month ago for a broken leg, the vet said he had bone cancer and had to be put to sleep the very next day. I can't describe what that is like. :'(

M&J Trimming


Saving Capulet said...

sooo cute!! o.o

Maggi said...

Kawaii is sooooo cute!

Lissy said...

Finally I get to see Kawaii! AAAW he is so ADORABLE!!!

Poor Rocky he looked like such a handsome boy! D: Its so sad :( aw ;_;


Pj said...

rocky!!!!!! damn i miss him

Alice & Peter Punk said...

They are all too cute!
I used to have dogs, when I was living in France. Now, in Japan, my house is too small and they don't accept pets where I live. But I'm thinking of having French Bulldog (I like their dirty face) and call him Dexter (related to the serie) ^^ I know it's stupid!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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