Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nikki Stavin- The Commission She Made for Me

Nikki Stavin is the wonderful human being who I asked for a commission (She only charges $10-$45). The commission is a very sentimental one. I wanted something representing me and my much younger siblings at a very memorable time in our lives. The problem was for as important as it was, there were no pictures of the 3 of us together. There were no pictures of me period! I needed an artist who could represent the 3 of us without having an artist style that relies too heavily on accurate face structure. So yes I had braces and glasses at age 11, don't laugh lol. Here it is, the 3 of us on the trampoline we loved so much.


さらまり said...

Oh that's really sweet. The drawing looks so pretty, but it still feels emotional. That's wonderful^^

Kelsey said...

how much did this cost you i want one!!!

Christyne J said...

Very cute!

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