Monday, December 14, 2009

Spank! This Place is NOT Fair!!! Must-See Cuteness!

Spank - Used Clothing Shop is an absolute girl wonderland. Used Clothing Shop does not do this place justice. It is a pastel colored girl centric paradise in Japan, and whoa さらまり got us the address (& herself an extra Panda Hat entry!). Here's the address for their shop Shiraishi bldg 2F, 4-24-7 Kouenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo and their website shows a map. So I found Spanks blog I wanna be a unicorn and I'm so thankful I did. This blog is filled with shop goodies, soooo cute customers, sparkly parties, pastel cream-filled sweets, girly luncheons & more! A great find. Here are some adorable etsy stores to keep you satisfied until we get our butts Spanked lolll. Oh and I'm open to recommendations (on etsy etc stores!)!
Hello Kewpie
Licorice & Lollipops
Pinky Anela
This & That From Japan


Zefora said...

Hey hey there! I think your blog is my favourite blog right now <3__<3 You find the cutest stuff!!

Oh, and you could add this address to the Etsy shops, if you want (it's a harajuku kawaii inspired shop held by me ^__~)

Maggi said...

What the what?! why oh why oh why so I not have anything like that here?!?! *sob* If you find the address, let me know!!! lol

Carmen said...

Well I tried to translate the page with my Firefox page translator add on thingy but couldn't see any sign of an address. Sorry :(

Jenny said...

SPANK! always leaves me with my mouth gaping and longing for a life full of childhood nostalgia with a fairy-like twist!

さらまり said...

Yay for Spank! It's like my childhood was thrown up into one store haha.

Here's the address for their shop
Shiraishi bldg 2F, 4-24-7 Kouenji-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
And their website shows a map -

fancycandy said...

omggg i love those nails !! :)

Carmen said...

I love you to bits :D Don't feel bad - am so pleased you got the address! Now do you need to be held back so close to Christmas or are you going to go and just dive straight in and get lost in there? :D

p.s grungey cuteness - yum, yes please!

Saving Capulet said...

so cute! <3

Sugar Bunnie said...


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