Thursday, December 3, 2009

ZiSpirits = So Sweet Accessories

ZiSpirits is a Taiwanese accessory brand that has so many "right" elements I had to feature it. I guess I'm just obsessed with headbands and can never find any awesome ones. I adore the ones I posted! I wish I had money! Ouch. Anyway I love all of you readers. Thanks for all the nice comments. They always make my day!


Catherine said...

OMG SO CUTE! I love the bow earrings! I love bows actually lol. I just bought a pair of bow hoops at Aldo tonight! I don't usually wear studs (I'm a klutz and I just can't get them on/off without hurting myself, I haven't quite figured it out yet apparently....) but... I might have to make an exception for these teehee. <3

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