Thursday, January 7, 2010

anemoon - Camel Becomes Lantern Light Becomes Towel

anemoon is a really cute site firstly (Can a person start with secondly? Cus I kind of think this is the second thing I like lol). So yeah, secondly (firstly.. lol I know this could be fixed so easily) the work is so clean and cuts to your core. How can a person make such simple line work be so evocative. Drugs thats how, rofl no no no I didn't meant that lol.

Retro Clothing, Mod Clothes, Shoes, Handbags


shivani said...

haha actualy youre probably right. i dont think any person right in the head could come up with this stuff. But its so amazing that you just wish that there was more insane peopple in the world

Bianca said...

LOL! these are really sick, and I mean sick=cool, not sick bad...^_^

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