Tuesday, January 19, 2010

(Antique) Dolly Style - How to

Dolly Style is an increasingly popular fashion in Japan and if you click here, the how-to's are beautifully outlined (including the right color swatches!)

What might be cooler than the style guide, is this store Grimoire (pictured below)recommended as part of the how-to. I'm sure I'll feature more on Grimoire in the future. Click image below for website.
7F Terusu jinnan 1-10-7 Jinnan, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo


さらまり said...

Oh it's such a fairy tale style, I don't think I'm sweet enough to pull that off hehe^^ Thanks for introducing it.

Sara said...

I just love your blog, Suggy. <333 :3

I have bought so much stuff these past few days just by using your blog as a shopping guide. O_O
I loved the bunny clip you mentioned on the 3rd s much that I bought it.

Carmen said...

Wouldn't you just love a good old rummage in that shop? Slightly worried about the dolly style, think I would cross the street as the Psycho music played ever so softly in my head if I saw the first or third lady coming towards me. Have to admit a grudging liking for the second one though, especially her tights :P

nickee said...


i want to die.

then go to heaven.

because i'm pretty positive heaven looks a lot like this store (in my book at least) and i'm also pretty sure god is gonna greEt me in some bad ass coon-skin hat and a floral print vest...HOLY CRAP! - literally! this place is to die for!!!!

Donkuri said...

cute girls^^

Saving Capulet said...

they all look so dolly vintage! i love this style :D

Jenny said...

Hahaah I wanna sleep in that store!!

Bianca said...

oh i was thinking of getting into this, especially with my doll like curls...and hey thats a model from zipper at the bottom!

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