Sunday, January 17, 2010

"OMG I'm Wearing Stretch Pants!!" "No, They're Leggings.. They're Leggings.."

So I had to feature Park & Cube's Cloudy Pearl Tights DIY Tutorial and thought I couldn't just end it like that! So we'll continue with some etsy favorite leggings/tights:

THEN I thought I'd show you guys some serious leggings you only wish you were cool enough to wear (ok maybe only my legs struggle with this):

So I then looked back over my choices and realized there is no color!! Unless you plan on making them yourself; here are two very colorful legging choices:


Carmen said...

Black is SO a colour but I love that you included purple. My two very favourite colours to wear :P

Arika said...

Ah ha love the Daria title reference!

PetSugar said...

Arika- im thrilled someone caught that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan Faber said...

my girls practically live in their leggings. But they must be capri length. I don't know why. Something about not liking fabric against their ankles. LOL.

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