Saturday, January 16, 2010

Claire La Faye : Hiking Your Princess Skirt WAY UP

These Claire La Faye items are all in an etsy store believe it or not. Most are surprisingly affordable too! I had to feature this store! The princess details on the little tops make me think of hime gyaru for the everyday.


Hollie May said...

this is one of my fav shops on etsy, one that i try to emulate. see how much a model can do for a shop. i dont wanna hear any more about ppl thinking mannequins are more sanitary. PLEASE. do you want attention and sales? then have a hot model. ITS THAT SIMPLE

Twinkle Magic Star said...

I love that little black dress!

LOL your grandma sounds hilarious! I love grandmas!

Donkuri said...

Goodmorning ^____^

Catherine said...

OMGG I'm in love!!!!

Carmen said...

I've never heard that about the mannequins. Clothes do look better on a person though don't they ;) Love that even the mirror in the bottom one has a dress.

So pleased you won the robot :D Can't wait to see it when it's made - I do hope you will show and tell? Congratulations, VERY well deserved!

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