Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fancy Pocket - An Amazing DIY Deco Source Among 5748392 Other Things

Fancy Pocket's Deco Section is one of the greatest I've seen! A lot of deco cabouchons (spelling? lol) are hard to come by considering they are from Asia. EVERYTHING here is from Japan, or is it Singapore (I can't tell lol) and here I was just on the site to look at their ready made deco items. Now I've linked every image to its respective "category," not the item itself. You can find the item easily of course and I didn't want to shelter you from alllll the stuff they have available. Yay I'm excitedddd.


Sugar Bunnie said...

love the black and white polka dot lace♥

さらまり said...

Oh this site is totally useful! I get a new phone soon so I would love to do some deco, thanks for the link^^

Miku said...


OMG!! It's soooo cute > <

Wuao, thanks a lot ^^
I'm very happy that my blog likes so much *-* Really, thanks ;)

Tiffanys World said...

this homepage is great :) i want so many things ^^

Maggi said...

Love love love love! You are my Kawaii Hero! lol

Nicky said...

The link is broken can someone re-post? Thx

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