Friday, January 15, 2010

I, Chihuahua

I feel bad I never appreciated Chihuahuas until so recently. Like magic, I happened upon two special people who among their many talents, truly captured their chihuahuas brilliantly on film. The first is the artist I recently featured Madoka Kinoshita and her adorable cute cute baby Musashi!!! The second is our very own guest blogger the little bukowski, whose Bear Bear puppy has managed to possess as much finesse has his owner. Oh and please see the comment Bear Bear left here!


Catherine said...

Hehehehehe, the first picture is just perfect.

nickee said...

Typed by bear bear (please excuse any misspellings...his paws are a little too chubby for the keyboard and his english isn't so good...his spanish is perfect though.)

Dear Mommie's Best Frend,
thank you so much for putten me en your blog. I feel very speshall. Espeshallylly since lately i have eaten lots of biscuits and feel phat. so it is nice to see that i am still a good looken chihuahua.
love beary much,
bear bear

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