Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Like Honey-Daixiaole - Let's Find Her Aesthetic Soul Mates

Hollie May featured this creator and I had to spotlight her here. Her designs are so original, so cute and so raw. Her photos look like 80's polaroids which adds to the feeling of disconnect between us and her... she is all on her own, doesn't it seem so? I quickly had to feature Diaxiaole's Etsy Store because I want to find her dream clients out there. She has had one sale and I just know her work is waiting for the right people to covet and devour it. You can read Hollie May's interview with Diaxiaole here.


Hollie May said...

oh yayyy, thanks for the shout out and also giving her the attention she so deserves!!


Carmen said...

See I knew I wasn't using to much eyeliner! *chuckle*

さらまり said...

Oh her photos and outfits look like she put so much of her heart into it. Good Luck to her^^

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