Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laurie Simmons' Lemon, Mint, Chocolate & Strawberry Plates

People laugh when I tell them my biggest indulgence has been buying a $250 set of 4 plates. When I move, its the only thing I put in the passenger side seat lol. Maybe they will stop laughing now that they see them (yes, its these). Maybe they will continue to laugh seeing that their laughing has struck a painful chord in me rofl.

So I'd never ever take back my decision to buy these because I adore them, but I found an etsy store that offers something similar here.


Chickything said...

If I had those plates... I'll eat the plate! they look yummy but for $250, wow I won't be able to afford to put anything on the actual plate lol.

Carmen said...

I did something similar for my sisters birthday with Spiderman collage. (search spiderman on my blog and it should pop up if you are interested) I love doing this sort of thing and know how long it takes so can fully understand your love of them.

My eldest just walked past, stopped and went "WICKED!!" so I don't think she's laughing at you :D They would make me seriously hungry all the time! *g*

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