Monday, January 4, 2010

Mushman - No Better Name for this Cat

Mushman Cat blog was so thankfully made known to me at I have such a weak spot for animals. This dog Rocky would give me weird chest pains and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing in the presence of insane cuteness. God I love mushman though don't you? What's even cuter to me is the owner that loves an animal this much.


Twinkle Magic Star said...


Glad you back!!

I just read on Jenny's blog how old you are :D and we are almost the same age I'm just 2 years younger ^__^ <3

Catherine said...

LMAO. It's so cute hahahahahha.

Tiffanys World said...

oh no!!!! this cat is soooooooooooooo horrible ugly!!!! but if i thing somethings is really ugly it becomes cute to me :)

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