Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Music to be Cute to" by the little bukowski

Every little girl’s heart has it’s own soundtrack. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t sound a thing like hard working vascular systems. Nope. Our pulse is much more impressive. You put a stethoscope to our chest and oh yes, there’s a beat.

But it goes something like this:


You were supposed to be up half an hour ago. But when the sunlight came streaming through your room’s heart shaped window you cuddled up to the shady side of the bed… the side that’s cold and allows you to pretend it’s still night time. Pulled all the covers over your messy head while your family of kittens tried to wrestle them away from the other end. Let’s start the day!

11 am

“Nattoppet” by Detektivbyran

The day begins after a big bowl of strawberries and left over cupcakes you had hidden at the back of the fridge (Yes. Admit it. Cupcakes taste fantastic when eaten in secret )
In front of a little pink vanity you put on lipstick while the trained birds you adopted from Cinderella help fix your hair and knot the bow on your dress.


Out front you hear a little “beep beep” and there’s an eco-friendly car shaped as a bunny rabbit filled with all your best girlfriends. You pile in and drive off - high heels and ruffles sticking out of all the windows. How did so many of you fit in there?!

3 pm

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

At the International Mall of Kawaii you see your beloved ex boyfriend buying ice cream. After a heart breaking argument, you expect to now see him getting two scoops of mint chip - one for him and one for a new girlfriend. But instead, he orders a single waffle cone and goes to sit by himself when the whole thing plops onto the floor. Rushing over to help him clean it up, you both lock eyes and he admits he’s sorry for everything and could never find a better boba date than you.
He hands you a mix tape he made for you and orders a bananna split for sharing.

6 pm

The sun’s setting and your tummy is full of love and butterflies. He’s offered to give you a ride home and holds your hand the whole way. As you drive through the city all the building lights begin to flicker on like fireflies. Being special to someone is the coziest place to be.

9 pm

With a kissy face good-bye you skip up the stairs and open the front door. All your baby kittens are waiting in a row and meow in sync when you walk in. Each with a fresh saucer of milk you are free to wash the make up off your face and grab a good book from your library.
Tonight we’ll read “The History of Unicorns ”
And if we’re not too sleepy maybe brush up on the politics of foreign sugar cookie business.


Kittens all tucked in, warm like tiny portable heaters, you drift off to sleep.
In a bedroom of stuffed toys and purring and little star mobiles hanging from the ceiling, you’re safe and sound and happy. It’s nice to be cute and fancy and all that…
But most of the time it’s nice just to be a girl.

Beat. Beat. Goes our heart.

the little bukowski


PetSugar said...

I didn't want to adulterate the post with my ramblings. This is the first of many guest posts by little bukowski. isn't she amazing? i hope you all truly listened to the mp3's i linked hear... its the cutest music you'll ever find! anyway i'm so happy to have begun this friendship with little bukowski because there is so much interaction she can provide this blog that i'm incapable of (tutorials!!! purses made of stuffed toys!!) anyway let me know what you think! i know she'll be thrilled to read reactions to her first contribution.

Carmen said...

I'm on a go sloooooooow again on my pc but will definitely come back to listen when my dinosaur starts behaving :)

さらまり said...

This guest post is such a sweet idea^^ I love the information provided in it!

Oh I wish I was an alien... said...

that post is so cute!! the perfect day xD

shivani said...

This is so cuteee! or should i say kawaii;) I love the little details like the ecofriendly bunny shaped car! and i have never really been a cat person but i think i will get one becasue they are pretty cute when i think about it. i think that as simple as each one of these is, every girl dreams of them happening to her. because it makes her feel beautiful and special.

Anonymous said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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