Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Bento Source - She Might Just Be Done Forever! Whoops She Just Changed her URL

e-obento has been my favorite bento blog for years now, and today I realized she has not posted anything since August! I can't read Japanese... but I don't even want to know what her final sentiment was. Nothing could make this okay!!!

UPDATE: Lol I guess she just changed her web address (http://www.e-obento)
! All that emotion for nothinggggggggggggggg. Thank you Linnie!

Oh and you better read the post under this one lol. Its too good to miss.


Linnie said...

she just changed her url.

that's the new one.

Catherine said...

OMG so cute!!! I love the dining table cake!

So sad she's stopped blogging. D:

Bianca said...

I want to make some!! Especially with trying to eat right, why can't it be fun??!!

Tiffanys World said...

oh i want to eat all benots :) they look so cute.

hm unfortunately i can't read japanese too -_-'

Sara said...

I love cute bento boxes. *-*
I've attempted to make several myself for my guy before he goes to work and the one tim it came out good was when I made an omu-maki, with veggies cut into flowers, bean sprouts and cold soba noodles and then apples cut into the shape of rabbit mochi. XDD

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