Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Bollywood Beauties - Reivention of Kawaii; Reinvention of Beauty

This is an experimental post. Every now and again I want to feature something I absolutely love and isn't what you would conventionally find on a "kawaii" blog. I think these women are so funny and as cute as any Asian models you'd find on a blog like mine (if not cuter!). I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pics from this era and maybe you will think as I do, how amazingly modern & stylish these classic women were!!


さらまり said...

I like this post, I think its wonderful! These ladies are indeed very mod and stylish^^ The last woman is just gorgeous!!

shivani said...

These women are beautiful. im so glad that indians werent too conservative for this atleast. and not just becasue im indian! :]

Carmen said...

Oh to have boobies that when you lay down they point straight up to the ceiling... ok maybe just a bit less floppy then... tmi? Sorry :P

I'm with you, love these pictures. I'm a secret watcher of those old late night subtitled Bollywood movies ;)

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