Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Ruff Day at the Office - a Bear Bear Episode" by the little bukowski

It was a "ruff" day at the office today.

Someone backed into Bear's doggy carrier...which really pissed him off because he's been telling everyone not to park their fucking cars in his employee of the month space.

I mean honestly, what is the point of getting employee of the month if you can't even park next to the handicap people? He worked really hard to park that extra five feet closer to the building.

So his fur was already raised when he got to his desk.

And, as his receptionist, i had to take all his messages because he refused to talk to anyone.

I even had to make up an excuse to postpone his conference call....

"I don't Mr. Pawkins...Something about an allergic reaction to his flea medication.....but i'll have him reschedule the meeting"

And after lunch, i noticed Bear really wasn't paying attention while we were going over numbers on the squeaky toy stocks.

By the slur in his bark and the glazed over look on his furry little mug, I knew he'd hit up Calico Corner instead of getting lunch at the Kibble Shack. He'd bought a gram of catnip off those fucking alley cats.

So there was really only one thing to do......


But, like most office parties, it ended in shame.

But thank goodness we're the utmost professionals in the biz....We collected ourselves, calculated the remaining numbers for the day, and said nothing of Bear's water cooler escapades

what are business partners for anyway!

-the little bukowski

special thanks to Julien for his bear-sized laptop.

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Tiffanys World said...

oh i love the pics with the cute dog

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