Thursday, January 14, 2010

TEE7 - Artist-Designed Tees So Good I ALMOST Didn't Notice My Dad Farted SO LOUD

TEE7 lol again, I'm full of bad titles, but I write what I know ok? I'm all about "this time and place" (right Melissa!!?). No seriously these t-shirts are so amazing. You can get all prints for guys AND girls. Right now they are like 22.50 USD each (sale from 25 USD) and I'm really happy to buy this company out of house and home (does that analogy work here?) lol. I think these t-shirts come closest to featuring the kind of art I showcase here at drop dead cute :)


megan said...

That bunny...Where are the hearts coming from!? o_o lol.
The position of the phone on the "Call Me" one is a little funny too.

I like the "Divas" shirt the best. :) And I like how places like Yesstyle always have many pictures of their products.

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