Sunday, January 10, 2010

YELL-Oh Girls! Asian-American Female Experiences Voiced

I'd be remiss not to use this forum to help other Asian-Americans girls. All I can really do is be proud of my ethnicity, but this book allows me to do one more thing (tell you about it!). It is a compilation of Asian-American female voices (including East Indian-Americans like myself) that addresses absolutely all aspects many of us experience. I identify with people of every race, believe me, but some peculiarities are undoubtedly part of the Asian-American experience lol. YELL-Oh Girls features girls like me who are so much more than a bunch of "Asian chicks." They are as original as anyone can possibly be. They have their individual struggles and will put into words so many of the things we all wish we could articulate (greattt entry on that damn Asian-Fetishism and viewing Asian females as submissive & docile; along with mixed race relationships, eyelid surgery, immigrant parents etc...). Anyway I personally believe pride and originality in everything you do is the most kawaii thing of all (lol believe me I get a lot of crap about how "weird" my blog is)!


Carmen said...

Really? People say your blog is weird? I've found some brilliant blogs through yours so can only say thank you. I don't think it's weird... bit pink at times! :D But you make up for it always with your very next post of grungey cute ;)

I love your last comment about pride and originality! Love it, love it, love it. And think all us girls regardless of ethnicity should be like that.

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